Getting CodeMirror vim bindings working in TiddlyWiki


  1. Install the following plugins at minimum:
    1. CodeMirror _Editor
    2. CodeMirror Keymap: Vim
    3. CodeMirror AddOn: Close Brackets: this is a requirement for CodeMirror Keymap: Vim.
    4. CodeMirror AddOn: Search and Replace: this is a requirement for CodeMirror Keymap: Vim.
  2. Change the CodeMirror keymap to vim in TiddlyWiki settings.
  3. Remove/re-bind existing TiddlyWiki keyboard shortcuts that mask vim commands. In the “Keyboard Shortcuts” section of the control panel, unset:
    1. cancel-edit-tiddler- which masks the escape key.
    2. underline which masks the rctrl-u mapping.
  4. Optional: disable CodeMirror when using mobile browser. Instructions in “Not usuable on mobile” section below.


TypeError: n is undefined

Make sure CodeMirror AddOn: Close Brackets and CodeMirror AddOn: Search and Replace are installed. See TW issue 3413 for details.

Not usable on mobile

Aside from the vim bindings being fairly unhelpfuly when you only have a mobile keyboard handy, CodeMirror itself has flaky mobile support. When using TiddlyWiki from an iOS device, the press and hold text selection doesn’t work inside CodeMirror. There’s no way to cut/copy and paste either.

To fix this, I prefer TiddlyWiki to disable CodeMirror entirely when it detects a mobile browser. To do this, buggyj kindly wrote a plugin which is available in a comment on TiddlyWiki GitHub issue #2730. For those too lazy to head to that issue, here is how to manually add the plugin:

  1. Create a new tiddler with the title: $:/core/modules/macros/hackeditorstring.js
  2. Set the tiddler type to: application/javascript
  3. Add a new field to the tiddler with: * Field name: module-type (not plugin-type that’s in the dropdown) * Field value: startup
  4. Set the tiddler content to:

Plugin body:

title: $:/core/modules/macros/hackeditorstring.js
type: application/javascript
module-type: startup


/*jslint node: true, browser: true */
/*global $tw: false */
"use strict";

// Export name and synchronous status = "hackeditstring";
exports.after = ["load-modules"];
exports.synchronous = true;

exports.startup = function() {

if ($tw.browser)
if (/Android|webOS|iPhone|iPad|iPod|Opera Mini/i.test(navigator.userAgent || navigator.vendor || window.opera)) {
        $ $tw.Tiddler({title: "$:/config/EditorTypeMappings/text/vnd.tiddlywiki", text: "text"}));
else {
        $ $tw.Tiddler({title: "$:/config/EditorTypeMappings/text/vnd.tiddlywiki", text: "codemirror"}));